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Hello and Welcome!

My name is Jeffrey Wee, and I am the Publisher and Editor in Chief of Best of Davao™ Magazine.

While the Best of Davao™ Magazine is new, launched in May 2015, it is based on many years of experience and years of preparation prior to our launch. I am excited to introduce the Best of Davao™ Magazine to you now.

I am a native of Davao and have spent my entire life here, went to school here, and graduated in Ateneo de Davao University. I am also both an entrepreneur and the manager of an established business since year 2008, so I understand the needs of consumers and those of business owners in a competitive market.

I love the Davao people, the local restaurants, street food, festivals, arts, and our exciting nightlife, and I am proud of our city and what it offers to residents, visitors, and tourists. I know that when one looks long enough, one can find many examples of admirable and outstanding people, reputable businesses, interesting places, excellent food, and great entertainment.

You could just say that I love Davao!

The Reason for Best of Davao Magazine?

Davao is a big city, with a metro population of over 1,000,000 people, many diverse neighborhoods, countless small businesses, and many organizations.  It can be difficult to know who or what is the best available in such a large city, especially with so many choices.

So, we created Best of Davao™ Magazine to help both local residents and visitors to Davao, quickly and easily find the very best of People, Places, Businesses, Groups, Food, Entertainment, Professionals, and Services in Davao. So far, my team has created more than 800+ Best of Davao™ Contest Categories from which any reader of our free online magazine can learn who the local Davao consumers voted as the best in Davao.

Our Mission?

The Best of Davao™ Magazine and our multiple Best of Davao™ Contests are focused on finding and honoring those People and Businesses that make Davao such a great place to live, work, and visit.

Our Goals?

We are creating a unique and valuable new free online source of information for Davao consumers and businesses. Whether you read our magazine using a laptop, tablet, or your smart phone, you will always have free access, 24 hours a day, to valuable information, money-saving tips, and lists of the most highly regarded people, businesses, and places in Davao. We also hope to enrich your life by introducing you to great entertainment and helpful tips for living a better life in Davao.

It Takes a Team!

This is a very big task and I cannot do it alone. So I have created an outstanding team of experienced and highly skilled people including: world-class advertising and marketing experts, website designers, social media experts, writers, photographers, shoppers, connoisseurs, local experts, and advisors from many fields.

Together, with the help of the many consumers in Davao who know where to find the best, we will produce the most valuable and comprehensive list of the Best of Davao.™ We have started that with our unique 800+ Best of Davao™ Categories.


Are you a Business Owner, CEO, or a Professional?

A Big Tip for Business Owners, CEOs, and Professionals!

Our most important big tip: Look over the list of the 800+ Best of Davao™ Categories  and make sure your business is listed in each of the appropriate categories as a nominee.  Simply choose a category and click on it to see the currently nominated businesses.   Be aware that your business could potentially qualify in several categories in our annual Best of Davao™ Contest and your business could also win in several “best of” categories. If you don’t see your business listed as a nominee, then use our easy online Nomination Form and submit your nomination of your own business or yourself.  You will find the Nomination Form on the same page as the category list of nominees or our separate Nomination Form page.

Another Big Tip for Business Owners

In addition to making sure your business has been nominated and is listed among the nominees for the appropriate contest categories,  we encourage you to contact us to learn more about our annual Best of Davao™ Contest and to receive a complimentary Contest Kit which will help you increase your chance of winning the contest.  You can also learn more about the Contest and find the Contest Rules helpful too.

You Can Contribute Something to the Best of Davao™ Magazine too!

We welcome and encourage you to share your expertise, talents, and skills with us.  Whether you are a professional or a Business Owner, we welcome your contributions.  If you have some special skills or talents, you should contact us and tell us about yourself.  If you think your business  provides the best of service or products in Davao, you should let us know.  We value experience, special knowledge and talent.  We are always looking to identify the “best” of businesses and professionals in Davao.  Take a look at our unique 800+ Best of Davao™ Categories to see how many different topics we cover.  

If you own or manage a business in Davao, you should include us in your email newsletter list and send us your Press Releases or simply contact us.  We encourage you to let us know when something significant and great happens for your business or you.  For one example, if  you or your business wins an award or honor, let us know.

Your Business Can Reap Big Benefits and Results!

If you are a Professional or Business Owner you really should learn about our innovative and cost effective integrated advertising, marketing, and promotion services too.  We have a special page written just for you that focuses on what you should know about the advantages of advertising and marketing your business  with our help and how Best of Davao™ Magazine can help you in ways our competition will not or can not.  Learn more on our helpful and informative  Advertise with Us page.  We believe you will be pleasantly surprised to learn how creative and results oriented our solutions are for small and large businesses and professionals in Davao.  We don’t sell just advertising, we provide real integrated solutions to the essential needs of business owners and professionals.


You don’t have to be a professional to be an expert in something or to have talent that we would like to show to Davao!

If you have some special knowledge of Davao or things or people in Davao, contact us to let us know. You could become part of our growing Best of Davao™ Network of Experts.

We welcome interesting content (photos, stories, facts, insights, tips, suggestions, advice) from the public and our Facebook fans and friends. You can write to us, write for us, or simply send us a message and tell us what you think.  Contact us!


We also encourage you to contribute your opinion and knowledge too. You could become one of our Contributors.

If you want to tell us something, give us a call. We are always looking for more examples of “The Best” and we truly enjoy learning more about the little-known “bests” in Davao.

Have Questions? Have Suggestions?

I am available to answer your questions and hope you will contact us if you have suggestions or nominations of your favorites in Davao. Make sure you look at our 800+ Best of Davao™ Categories. If you know of someone else we should add to the list, let us know.  You can easily nominate someone or a business online by using our simple online Nomination Form.  Or contact us via email or phone if you have questions or other suggestions. 

Feel free to contact us, we are here to help.


Jeffrey Wee

Publisher & Editor in Chief

Best of Davao™  Magazine

Phone: 0922.878.2929

Email:  [email protected]


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