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Hundreds of businesses in Davao are participating in the First Annual 2016 Best of Davao Contest.

This page shows a small sample of these proud business owners and employees showing off their Best of Davao™ Nominee Poster to the public.  These posters are free to any Best of Davao™ Contest Nominee. If your business would like to be included in the 2016 Best of Davao™ Contest, please view our 800+ Best of Davao Contest Categories to see in which of the categories your business will want to compete.

A business, group, or individual may be nominated in more than one category in the Contest!

A nominee may win in more than one category in the Best of Davao™ Contest!

You or your business may be nominated in multiple categories, so please look at the list carefully.  If you do not see a category that fits your business, you may suggest a new category.  You may nominate yourself or your own business or others very easily using our easy online Nomination Form.  Complete rules of the contest, a helpful FAQ, and other tips are located on the Best of Davao™ Contest Rules Page.

Please contact us for details and to receive your free Best of Davao™ Contest Campaign Kit which includes the free poster you see here along with other helpful items that will help you promote yourself at no cost to you. We also have available many other sizes of low cost posters and tarpaulins and other low cost promotional materials to help your business tell the public about your nomination as one of the Best of Davao™ Nominees.


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