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Open Call for Contributors to Best of Davao Magazine

You Can Contribute Something to the Best of Davao™ Magazine

We welcome and encourage you to share your expertise, talents, and skills with us.  Whether you are a professional or an amateur we welcome your contributions.  If you are a writer, photographer, videographer, artist, musician, entertainer, gourmet chef, expert shopper, or if you have some special skills or talents, you should contact us and tell us about yourself.  We value experience, special knowledge and talent. Take a look at our unique 800+ Best of Davao™ Categories to see how many different topics we cover.

You do not have to be a professional writer or photographer to have your work published in the Best of Davao™ magazine.  Your work will be judged solely on its merits and quality.

You don’t have to be a professional to be an expert in something or to have talent that we would like to show to Davao!

If you have some special knowledge of Davao or things or people in Davao, contact us to let us know. You could become part of our growing Best of Davao™ Network of Experts.

We welcome interesting content (photos, stories, facts, insights, tips, suggestions, advice) from the public and our Facebook fans and friends. You can write to us, write for us, or simply send us a message and tell us what you think.  Contact us!


Know something special,  but you can’t write or photograph very well?

We will do the writing and photography for you!

We are also looking for people in Davao who know something special or know someone special or have something to tell us about Davao and special Davaoenos.

If you have some special knowledge of Davao or things or people in Davao, contact us to let us know. You could become part of our respected Best of Davao™ Network of Experts.  People in our Best of Davao™ Network of Experts do not have to write or photograph anything to contribute their expertise and knowledge to the magazine. If you do, you will be part of a very beneficial network that can help you in your career or in your business.  If you would like to be part of our Best of Davao™ Network of Experts, simply send us an email telling us something about yourself and your special expertise or areas of special knowledge and skills or talents. Or call us and tell us over the phone. We will listen!

If you have your own idea of what is the “Best” in Davao, share it with us now. Contact us!


Before you send us your writing, photos, or videos, please read our Guidelines for Submissions and Contributors.

We may be able to use you as one of our many contributors and there may be an opportunity for your talent to be recognized by Best of Davao™ Magazine and our readers.  If you have photos or videos or music clips you want to share with us, simply send us a note via email telling us about it.

Please first read our helpful Guidelines for Submissions and Contributors. Our Guidelines will tell you the appropriate steps to take and what sizes we need for image files and text files.  Following our Guidelines will help you avoid common mistakes, save you time and effort, and will help us help you get published faster and easier!

If you would like to write for us, tell us that and send us a sample of your writing.  We are building a great team and network of talented people and you could be part of our team of Contributors.

Send your introduction letter and samples of your work to Jeffrey Wee, Editor in Chief ([email protected]).  Please be aware that we cannot return unsolicited materials.


Help us. Tell us who you think are the best in Davao.

We are always looking for examples of “the best” to be found in Davao. If you have any suggestions for people, places, or things that you think deserve recognition as “the best” of Davao then send us an email telling us about them. Or take a minute to nominate your favorites if they do not already exist on our list of current nominees found on our  800+ Best of Davao™ Categories.  To nominate someone or something, simply fill in the easy online Nomination Form.