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Have you ever dreamed of being a model?
Do your friends tell you that you should be a model?
Is your child so cute, you think they could be a model?
Does your teen dream of being an actor or entertainer?

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Mullet skirts, also known as high-low skirts or asymmetrical skirts, are trendy nowadays.Since it is new and fresh, girls now wear it sometimes take the lead in fashion, as it is easily adaptable. It can be casual, can also be for an evening party, or for a summer get-together. It can be worn by any type of body shapes and it goes well with any accessory or shoes.

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“I never expected to become one of the Best of Davao™ Models. It was really a fun experience.  I do love photo shoots and I’d like to say thank you for giving me this opportunity. I had such a wonderful time working with Jeffrey Wee and his team. I did have an amazing time during our photo shoots. And I must say, the photos look great! Once again, thank you!”


“Best of Davao is definitely one of the best experience that had happened to my modeling career. The production team was very friendly and accommodating. Not to mention the impartation that you get from the photographers, because when I got home from the photoshoot, I have with me my new learnings. Many thanks to the Best of Davao!”


Fashion these days comes in many forms. The trendiest outfits that most of the youth are craving for are printed tee shirts. Since there are many designs to choose from, go for the one that best suits your mood for the day, whether you feel geeky, rockstar-ish, fun, etc.  Be free. Be youthful. Be the best.

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Open Call to Models

Best of Davao™ Magazine will be using models of both sexes and all ages (children, teens, young adults, mature adults, senior adults) in the future.

You do not have to have professional or prior experience to become one of our models.

We welcome learning about you if you are interested in modeling for us.  Send us an introduction letter via email with some photos of you.  Your photos should be digital jpeg (.jpg) files at least 600 x 900 pixels in size. Your photos should clearly show your face and some should show your entire body (clothed of course).  Show us your smile too!

Please indicate your age and briefly explain any modeling experience you may have, if you have previously modeled. Previous modeling experience is not a requirement, but we do want to know if you have done modeling before.

Include both your  phone number and email so we can contact you when we need you. We will put your photos in our Model File and then contact you later when we see an opportunity for you to model for us.

What if you have never modeled before?

We are looking for both experienced and new models (who have never been published before). So, even if you have never been a model before, this could be your chance to be discovered and to start gaining experience as a model.

We are going to have opportunities for models in each of the following categories:  Fashion, Commercial, Lifestyle, Fitness, Promotion, and Swimsuit.

Send your photo files and a brief introduction letter to :
Jeffrey Wee / Publisher & Editor in Chief
Email : [email protected]


Are you a Fashionista?

Contribute Something to the Best of Davao™ Magazine

We welcome and encourage you to share your fashion expertise, talents, and skills with us.  Whether you are a professional or an amateur we welcome your contributions.  If you are a fashionista, writer, photographer, videographer, artist, designer, expert shopper, or if you have some special skills or talents, you should contact us and tell us about yourself.  We value experience, special knowledge and talent. Look over our unique 800+ Best of Davao™ Contest Categories to see some of what we will be covering in our magazine.

You don’t have to be a professional to be an expert in something or to have talent that we would like to show to Davao!

We may be able to use you as one of our many contributors and there may be an opportunity for your talent or expertise to be recognized by Best of Davao™ Magazine and our readers.   If you have writing, photos, videos, or fashion and styling tips you want to share with us, simply send us a note via email telling us about it.


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